CATHOLIC VIEW OF COSMOLOGY: Cosmology relates to how we understand our place in the universe and the choices we make to live within the integrity of creation. A Catholic understanding of Cosmology, reflected in STEM learning and teaching, emphasises stewardship and sacramentality. Stewardship requires learners to take responsibility to cultivate creative solutions to complex problems of life and living. Sacramentality acknowledges God's presence in the world particularly through human activity in service of the world. Pope Francis: Precisely because man (sic) is the image and likeness of a God Who created the world for love, the care of all of creation must follow the logic of gratuity and love, of service, and not of domination and bullying. Science and technology have helped us further the boundaries of knowledge of nature and, in particular, of the human being. But they alone are not enough to provide all the answers. Today, we increasingly realize that it is necessary to draw on the treasures of wisdom preserved in religious traditions, popular wisdom, literature and the arts, which touch the depths of the mystery of human existence, not forgetting, but rather rediscovering those contained in philosophy and in theology. Audience with participants in the Plenary of the Pontifical Council for Culture, 18.11.2017