Genuine Belonging: Human beings have a strong need for love and genuine belonging (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1991 p. 94). All of God's creation is good; human beings are good. Human beings' well-being is closely associated with identity and a sense of belonging to a place, country, people and groups. Human beings are relational because God is love. God is relational and inclusive. Strong loving relationships with God and others support human flourishing. When individuals and groups have an authentic sense of belonging they thrive, as opposed to the substantial diminishment of an individual's or group's well-being when they are excluded, marginalised and devalued. People can feel lost in a community in which they feel they do not belong. In the Catholic Christian tradition, community and care for all within that community are paramount for people to feel they belong and have a very important part to play in the community. Scripture John 10: 11